Dr. Farooq Hameed (The leading Endo-Urologist in Pakistan).

He did his MBBS from Nishtar Medical College(NMC), Multan in 1979. After graduation, he started his training in urology under cover of the two icons of urology in Pakistan i.e. prof. Dr. Fateh Khan Akhter and Prof. Dr. Farrukh Ahmad Khan. Both retired as head of the Department of Urology, King Edward Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan.

He completed his post-graduation in 1991. He has served in Mansoorah Hospital, Hajaz Hospital, Ittefaq Hospital and now serving in Shalimar Hospital since 1999 as Head of Urology Department.

He has formed a group of dedicated professionals joining hands under the umbrella of UROLOGY SUITE. Their aim is to keep Pakistan abreast or in pace with the recent changes in their respective fields and endo-urology. He narrated the story of his dedicated group working quietly on different innovative Ideas sacrificing everything from fame to their carrier and bring to the world new remedies.

Restoring the continuity of completely obliterated urethra still remains a challenge. This group has introduced innovative procedures for the management of blind strictures in posterior urethra. Among them Beacon guided internal urethrotomy is a new useful addition for initial management of blind urethral strictures, it enables the surgeon to open these strictures highly precisely sparing the sphincter and collateral damage.

Another feather in their cap is Endoscopic urethroplasty in which the whole operation form opening up of the obliterated posterior urethra to re-channelizing it and applying /stabilizing free skin graft is done endoscopically. This technique compares favorably with classical open procedures. This operation offers many advantages over the previous techniques. It is a simple procedure. It spares sphincter. Carries very low morbidity with minimal dissection and bleeding.

Dr.Farooq Hameed is a pioneer of these techniques. Custom build instruments were invented and these original research works have been presented in a series of world class International Conferences held between 1995 to 1999 in different countries i.e. Australia, Edinburgh, Amman and Colombo where he got tremendous appreciation. These papers were also presented in the annual meeting of American urological association, 2008 in Orlando, USA.

Dr. Farooq Hameed and his colleagues had the credit to launch for the first time Soft Tissue Laser Surgery in Pakistan in 2009. It is meant for virtually bloodless surgery of benign prostatic hyperplasia, Carcinoma prostate, bladder growths, ureteric and urethral strictures and in the management of posterior urethral valves in neonates. This type of surgery is especially very helpful for patients having co-morbid, who are rendered unfit for conventional surgeries.

Recently this group has added micro PCNL (percutaneous nephrolithotomy ) to their armamentarium for helping patients to get rid of kidney stones.

Unlike conventional PCNL in this technique, the only 2.5mm puncture is made over skin through which stone is approached and is dusted with the help of holmium laser. Retrograde intrarenal surgery combined with micro PCNL is considered to be the latest technique in this series and has given excellent results.

He has developed a team of committed people which includes Urologists, biomedical researchers, software and hardware engineers who work on innovative ideas and materialize them for progressive use in research and development in Urology.

This group has been working for more than twenty years for the development of new endoscopy equipment, providing tailored support for their innovative procedures.